3 Marriage Myths Busted

Myth 1: The divorce rate is higher among love marriages.
Reality: As per our study, the divorce rate is absolutely the same (1.3%) among love marriages and arranged marriages.

In fact, a lot has been talked about love marriage vs. arranged marriage. There are broadly three schools of thought – one pro-arranged marriage, another vouch for love marriage while the third group is indecisive and possibly these are the people who are ‘realists’.

The very reason the debate is going on is that there is no right answer. While each has its pros, it also carries the cons. So it depends on the couple to know and understand each other & his/her family and make the relationship work.
So on a funny note, arranged vs. love marriage basically tells whom to blame if the marriage doesn’t work.

Myth 2: Rate of Divorce higher if the wife is working
Reality: There is no difference.

From our study, the divorce rate is similar among working wife (1.4%) and non-working wife (1.2%). Anyway, only a smaller set of married women are ‘working’.
So, it is completely unfair to put the working women on question. As mentioned above, every relationship is unique and to be nurtured. It always takes two hand to clap.

Myth 3: Wife always needs to be younger than husband
Reality: Well this is only partially true.

As per our study, the divorce rate when the wife is younger is 1.1% and when the wife is older by up to 2 years, the divorce rate is 1.2%. It is only when the wife is older by more than 2 years, the divorce rate increases to 2.7%. Hence, it’s not true that the wife needs to be younger always.

So here we are, providing you the opportunity to know the compatibility with your proposed partner and the two families. Get to know the depth and speed of the river before jumping into it and be equipped to swim across together.

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