4 questions you should ask yourself before marriage

As they say “Marriages are made in heaven” you never know where, when, or how you will find your better half. But bumping into them is not enough. Today the whole idea of marriage has evolved with our society over the past years. It’s more reasonable than before, it’s more logical, detail oriented, and intellectual. In most relationships there comes an extent where the “next step” is considered. As time moves on, and two people grow closer, it inevitably turns towards big milestones like working together, living together, traveling together, and, although less common than it used to be, getting married. This linear route of progression is conventional and this path of romance could also be an enormous neighborhood of our culture. As a result, it can form subconscious expectations or beliefs about the importance of marriage. So before you start planning to get married you must consider the following points.

1. Are you comfortable with who you are?

If you know who you really are, you would definitely be able to understand your partner better. Self-awareness is important to get a better understanding of our expressions. If you can articulate your expression you tend to flow clear thoughts in the universe about who you are and get what you give. Moreover, it’s important to understand your motivation for marriage as you must understand what it takes to drive a happy marriage and have control of it.

2. Do you believe in institutions?

After you know what you’re looking for and what marriage means to you, ask yourself if you truly believe in the institution. It’s a lifelong commitment that is to be taken sincerely. It takes a lot of your efforts and energy to build and grow a relationship that remains for a lifetime. Talk to your family and friends or maybe a counselor about it.

3. What do you want your partner to be like?

Ever since we were kids we used to wonder about the prince charming or princess who will turn our life into a fairy tale; so why stop now? Pondering over the idea of how your dream girl or dream guy should look is not a bad idea. One should never settle for less and actually listing down the qualities your partner should have, really helps until what drives those aspirations is clear to you and is true to your identity. 

4. Are you ready to take it?

Frankly speaking, you are never ready. It just happens you never know when the cupid hits you and the next thing you know is LOVE. Sounds crazy?? It might but that is what it is. It’s an experience that you can feel but not express. So just hang in there, hold up and enjoy your journey from SINGLE to TAKEN. 

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For example, are you considering certain milestones because, well, it’s just the way it is?

It’s not to say that the trail of progression is wrong, but there are pitfalls of conventional relationships, and myths of our culture. 

It’s crucial to consciously explore your reasons for considering marriage, preferably alone, then together with your partner. That includes watching the “why” of those reasons.

It’s important to consider things before you go ahead as marriage is an exquisite thing, it’s more about exploring how to celebrate mutual love, how to precise dedication to growing together, and overcoming obstacles. 

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