5 questions to help you know how compatible you and your partner are

In this swipe culture of finding love with just a click, it’s a difficult job to find a partner that is compatible with you. With so many options available, finding a partner who understands you and is compatible with you is a task. The basic compatibility clauses people tend to look for in their partner are understanding, same mindset on things, shared goals, mutual respect etc.

You cant decide the compatibility level with another person by meeting them for the first time. It takes time to find out whether the person you’re with is compatible with you. You can take professional help who can guide you by analyzing your personalities and background. Alternately you can check few basic questions as thumb rule to find out whether you are compatible with your proposed partner.

  1. The first and most important question a couple should ask each other is whether they have shared interests.
  2. Do you trust each other?
  3. Do you communicate effectively?
  4. Do you accept each other?
  5. How do you spend your free time?
  6. What is your attachment style? 
  7. What are your spiritual beliefs?
  8. Can you depend on this person?
  9. Do you see this person in your future?

Taking a compatibility test is always a better idea than to invest in a relationship where the couple doesn’t share similar interests or goals. When you and your partner are super compatible, you’ll find yourself having similar answers to most of these questions.

There’s no single question you can ask to figure out if your relationship is going to work.

Compatibility is not something that is determined only for you. It is not just your needs, and your wants. It is always about the two persons and the two larger families. Knowing where you are coming from and what you are looking for, can help you find a relationship you actually want and enjoy.

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