5 Signs that shows compatibility between couples in a relationship

You are insanely in love with each other. You go on dates and outings frequently. You just cannot get enough of each other. But where do you and your partner stand on the compatibility scale?

Sharing a bond of true compatibility is one of the greatest things a couple can experience. Compatibility is accepting each other’s perspectives and sharing common ideas and beliefs. The key to a happy relationship is to have a better understanding of your partner and the ability to get along with each other even when your ideas about certain things differ without getting into an argument. 

According to many experts, compatibility is the best thing for a long lasting relationship

We need to understand the fact that love and compatibility are not the same thing. You might be head over heels for someone and think that your partner is everything you could have asked for. But, the question you should ask yourselves as a couple is, Are we compatible?

Here are a 5 signs which will definitely answer your question and tell you if whether or not your relationship has compatibility:

1. You Have the Same Ideologies

Sharing common beliefs and having the same ideologies are a great sign of compatibility. With time, the relationship will transform from just being flowers and candles to taking important decisions in life as a couple. In times like these, having a partner who believes in the same things as you do can be of great help in making the decision with ease and comfort. Having similar core values embraces your relationship and helps you in understanding the things your partner does and why he/she does it. It is one of the most necessary foundations for a relationship that lasts forever.

2. Your Partner Is Your Faithful Confidant

If you run to your partner first with good news or bad news and always want them to be the first person to know what is going on in your life. You have found a true friend in him/her. Having a friendly relationship with your partner while keeping the romantic spark alive in the relationship can go a long way in forming a bond of true compatibility with your partner. There will be times when your partner will seek companionship and you should make sure to go out of your way and be that confidante they are looking for. Create a space of trust and acceptance for vulnerability in your relationship. It takes a lot out of a person to let their guard down and if your partner is able to do that in front of you, make sure you understand them and look for a solution.

Be able to give help and seek it too. A true relationship is when you can expect your partner to be there for you anytime you want.  It may be good or bad.

3. Your Interests Are Similar And You Have Fun Together

We often hear couples having problems such as dissimilarity in tastes of movies, songs, books etc. But, a happy relationship will always have the power of communication. Tell your partner all the good stuff to watch or listen to. Ask them to read the books which moved you. Communication plays a vital role in building a long lasting relationship. Instead of complaining about it, try to introduce your partners to stuff that you liked and also take suggestions from them. In no time, you will start having fun together with the stuff you share in common now. 

Enjoying each other’s company by doing the stuff you love is a mark of true compatibility.

“ People who play together, stay together”

– Sherrie Campbell.

4. You Realize Your Mistakes And Apologizes

There is always something you wish your partner would not have done or said. And there are chances that your mood starts revolving around the actions of your partner. But, a healthy relationship is where you understand the fact that your happiness or sadness should not depend on each other’s moods. At times of arguments, understand and realize your mistake if you have made any, and immediately apologies to your partner. Learn to embrace your flaws and take responsibility for your mistakes. 

 Ego can destroy a relationship!

5. You just don’t look at each other, but look at the same direction

Apart from the romantic aspects in a relationship, your focus should be on building an empire together. A couple with a growth mindset is fierce and unstoppable. There is no better sight than seeing a couple who has all the fun together but also works together in creating a life they always dreamed of, or as the generation today says, “ The Power Couple”. Be the best version of yourself and also push your partner to do so. Your relationship should not only be presents and music and love letters, it has to be a space of success and dreams being fulfilled.

Finding the kind of love that lasts forever is still a dream for many people. But, once you find that person you wish to spend the rest of your life with, learn to protect the bond.

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