9 Things happy couples do for each other

In an era so romantically dystopian, where pop-culture sets unrealistic standards or lowers them ridiculously through unreasonable depiction of what a romantic relationship should look like, happy relationships exist. And no, they do not require you to die of hypothermia to protect Rose.

They do however, require time, effort and will and it’s not always glamorous. Unlike what Bollywood romance would like you to believe, it is the little things you do on a regular basis for each other that will solidify your relationship for years to come.

Check out 9 different things that people in a happy relationship do for each other.

1. They spend quality time together.

Couples in a happy relationship tend to develop a flair for activities that they can enjoy together. This would mean you have at least one common hobby that you indulge in. While it does not necessarily have to be something extravagant, a tradition as simple as a Friday night movie with pizza or Saturday morning scrabble over brunch can add so much value to your relationship. It is also a great way to have fun despite your busy schedules.

2. Spend time away!

It is equally important to have a hobby that you can enjoy in your own company. The weight of entertainment and validation should never fall on a single relationship, especially your romantic ones. Work towards developing tolerance and encouragement to spend time away from each other every now and then with maybe a different group of people.

3. Travel Together.

If you don’t have a knack for travel, you can go out on dinner dates every other week. This exercise is just to touch base with each other by dedicating time exclusively to this relationship. Try to come up with a bucket list of exciting things that you can do in the near future. Trust us, the planning is as exciting as the travel itself.

4. Make Expression an Exercise.

It is easy to remind each other that you are in love in the beginning of the relationship. However, as time goes by, you might want to make conscious efforts. Expressing your feelings even when there is no need for it can only strengthen the relationship. Make sure you remind each other that you love each other at least once a day and enjoy the peace and joy it brings to you.

5. Support Each Other’s Ambitions.

One of the easiest ways a relationship can go wrong is when one of either parties feel like they do not receive enough support. A lot is lost in translation and it is crucial to let your partner know that you support them 100% in whatever they decide to do. Likewise, make sure you feel supported enough in whatever endeavours you plan on undertaking because support from your partner can only make things better.

6. Consciously Cultivate Trust.

Trust is achieved. And it is done with purpose and intentions that only want the best for a relationship. It is not something you come across as a result of fortune. Try to understand your partner’s ways and take actions that build trust. However, it is equally important  to understand the thin line between trust and control. Make sure you establish those boundaries well-ahead of your relationship.

7. Extinguish Jealousy.

With a fire-hose. This step becomes easy when one notices that both parties are trying to build trust. However, it is equally important to work on one’s own issues so that we know that the jealousy issues that arise (if they do) have nothing to do with personal emotional issues.

8. Share Responsibilities.

In a patriarchal society, it is especially important to establish rules that hold both parties accountable for the daily chores that help run life smoothly. You can divide them amongst yourselves and pick things that you like better. Even better if you can do the chores together!

9. It is the Little Things.

Like a note on the mirror or a flower on your dashboard that reminds them of how cherished they are. Small gestures make a huge impact in the quality of the bond in the long run and ultimately are a love language. 

Healthy practices that remind each of you of how much you love and care for each other are important if you are looking at making the relationship work long term. These easy exercises will make sure you live up to your potential as one half of a relationship!

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