Changing compatibility of couples during Covid

In these challenging times, while the pandemic is exposing already existing loopholes in areas of healthcare, education or employment, it’s also affecting the compatibility of couples at a very basic level.

As we enter unlock 5.0, some of us are entering or have already entered a different stage of our relationships during this lockdown.

The other day I was talking to this friend of mine who’s staying with his girlfriend who shifted with her just before the lockdown. He was telling me how things have changed after spending so much time together. The 3 yrs old relationship lost its essence in 3 months and they were wondering if they were even compatible with each other.

Experts say this lockdown could go one of two ways, it could either strengthen the bond between the couples or force them to realise they are incompatible.

I also spoke to a few couples who were really happy being able to spend time together and how they have utilised their time together by cooking together and developing some new hobbies. They are definitely our couple goals! Teaching us how to keep our relationships alive during quarantine.

No doubt, life in lockdown has gone through a lot of changes and relationships in lockdown have become challenging. How has this lockdown affected compatibility in your relationship? Go ahead and check it out on our website.

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