Couplink : Best Platform to Check Couple Compatibility

Have you ever looked on the internet for blogs and quizzes that will point out the success rate of your relationship/marriage? No, we’re not talking about quizzes like “Are you Monica/Chandler or Ross/Rachel” (but Monica and Chandler, please).

There are various parameters that could not only point out if you are in it for the long run but also tell you which area requires more attention and effort. But are there structured tests that could point out to this possibility backed by psychology and sociology? The answer to the question is revealed in the title of it’s blog. However, we are happy to offer rational arguments as to why Couplink is the best platform to check couple compatibility.

1. It is not a vague and entertaining test.

Almost all tests available online today are based on very selected (and mostly very obvious) parameters to Check Couple Compatibility. However, there are multiple confounding variables that need to be taken into account, especially for Asian countries, whose values emphasise the importance of community over individualistic advantages. With extensive research, we have developed a tool that will successfully determine the long term health of a relationship. Couplink is a complex model that uses entered data to be set and compared against a sound database of couples who have healthy relationships with their significant other. We include aspects like education, profession, ideals, morals and age into the mix in order to attain a holistic report.

Our test is devised to understand couple compatibility from multiple facets of life. Sure, you two can share a candy on a hot summer’s day but do your ambitions align? Do your families get along? Do you find comfort within each other’s company so as to unflinchingly be your complete selves? We look for weak pillars that will help you understand each other better.

3. We give amazing advice!

Based on your results, you will be given advice so as to ensure that there is some concrete action taken after you are equipped with the knowledge. Our information is based on sound psychological interpretations that will eventually contribute to the overall health of your relationship.

4. Let the numbers speak.

You will be given a test score that will quantify the information you entered in the test. Based on that score, it is easy to determine how much work is needed (or if it is needed at all!) to ensure that your partnership flourishes. If the test is given honestly, you are bound to receive some useful insights backed by statistical data of couples that have a harmonious relationship.

5. You will be equipped to take the future head-on.

Your core does not come with a promise of an friction-less relationship/marriage. However, the very fact that you took it would imply you are ready to make it work. You will be armed with information that will help you tackle the problems of the future better. The idea is not to avoid conflict, but to deal with it effectively so you both can emerge on the other side your better, wiser selves.

6. It is supported by extensive research.

The results are generated through a comparative analysis of extensive data we collected. That means the information you receive is not randomized but customized to your dynamic with your significant other.

If you are in it for the long haul and would like some structured data that would validate your compatibility, we assure you that there is no better platform than Couplink to do it.

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