How do families shape your relationships?

group of people making toast

Families are an integral part of every society and shape you in a way that no other institution can. The physical being, mental state, emotional depth and overall character of any human being is heavily influenced by the people around them, especially in the formative years. Additionally, our definition of an ideal relationship is deeply influenced by the couples we have seen growing up, be it our parents, grandparents or the entourage of endless uncles and aunts. In family-centric societies like India, families have a major role in how relationships play out. One of the most cliché yet simply true statements is that in India, marriages happen between two families. This family structure comes with its own perks and perils and the compatibility of families is also important to the longevity of a relationship.

Confiding in the family is important since you get a fresh perspective on everything in a non-judgmental, stable environment for the healthy growth of the relationship. It forms a wonderful support system and can be a guide to love, consideration, affection, childcare, decisions, choices, compromise, understanding, fighting, making up and every other emotion and situation thrown at you by a relationship.

group of people making toast

The overstepping aunty, the judgmental uncle, the pesky sister-in-law, the boasting brother-in-law are also a few characters that come into the umbrella of every family in different ways. “Free advice” is thrown about in a callous and sometimes downright offensive manner, especially in social gatherings. Considering the advice given and confiding in the right people is important but thinking and deciding on your own is critical. Remember, you know your partner better than anyone.

Families shape relationships and relationships, in turn, shape families. In the increasingly isolated and nuclear society that we are becoming, families are always an oasis of support. Make the best use of everything at your disposal to make your relationships rewarding. Happy relationships to you!

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