Is increasing divorce rate a blessing in disguise?

upset young indian couple after conflict

It has been published in many times that divorce rate is increasing alarmingly in India, the rate is so fast that new family courts had to be opened. The bigger matter is that this is not limited to metro cities but evident in smaller towns and by smaller we are not referring to Tier 2 cities but actually 1 lac or 2 lac populated towns.

There has been a lot of discussions as well why this is happening. It is true that socio-economic scenario of our country is changing very fast. There is an increase of cross-cultural marriages, inter-caste marriages and so on and there is work stress, financial problems etc. added to these things.

It is true these are creating lot of differences as we have found in our research when we were developing the model of finding couple compatibility through an alternate route.

Knowing the future partner is absolutely important before embarking the journey.

This is applicable for love marriages also because before marriage it was love between two individuals but after marriage, it is a matter between two families and it needs to be ensured that both the families are comfortable.

However, this post is to bring out a different aspect. Should we really concern much for the rising divorces or should we be happy with this?

It would be really stupid to assume that earlier (or even today), all the couples who didn’t separate were very happy couples. One can talk to the near and dear ones and would find out example of people who have just continued with the relationship as a ‘duty’; there were no ‘love’ or ‘togetherness’ in the relationship.

So rising divorce is not really that bad as it seems. This is a sign that the social taboo with divorce is fading out. This should help people to be able to come out from a relationship which is not working.

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