Is it necessary to date to have good compatibility with your partner?

Dating is a relatively new concept in India. As the country progresses and more and more millennials live away from their parents in urban cities, where they are free to date whomever they want, dating is becoming increasingly common. But is it necessary to date to find out whether you are comfortable with your potential future partner?

We say it is. Dating surely has its benefits. You can never judge a book by its cover. When your parents are selecting your partner, they might go for social status or family values. However, in such cases, partners often do not turn out the way you want them to be.  

Dating on the other hand gives you the chance to test your partner’s temperament, the compatibility you share, your world views and most importantly your feelings for your partner. We have rounded up the top seven ways in which dating helps you find out your compatibility with your partner.

  1. Common interests: While opposites might attract, but still, you want to share things, ideas, and interests. Dating is a great way to find out common interests, which form the bedrock of a solid relationship. Therefore, if you are planning to find out the compatibility quotient of your would-be partner, you should go on a few dates. Ask your partner the idea of a perfect date night and you can soon figure out whether you have any common interests.
  2. Generosity: The marker of a good person is his/her large-heartedness. This might seem like a small thing at first. But any good marriage will require generosity on the part of both partners. Therefore, dating is a great way to figure out if your partner is generous. Simple gestures like offering to pay, tipping the wait staff are signs that your partner is generous.
  3. Good and bad habits: Human beings are creatures of habit. There are a few habits that may be good while a few that are plain irritating. A positive influence on your life can change you for good and help you get rid of negative habits. Your dating partner can, therefore, play the perfect role in doing this task. Negative habits can be gotten rid of with the help of your partner. This will also help you in being more compatible. 
  4. Inner qualities: Qualities make a man. But how do you find out the inner qualities of person if you don’t date? In arranged marriages, men and women get very little chance to understand the qualities of their partners. Here too dating can come to the rescue. You can truly find out whether the person in question is truly worthy of your time and companionship. 
  5. Friendship: Another term for companionship is friendship. The person with whom you want to share your future must be your friend – a person on whom you can bank in moments of crisis and difficulty. Here too dating can help. You can judge for yourself the friendship level you share with the person and decide for yourself.
  6. Comfort: One of the complaints that young, newly married couples often have is that they are uncomfortable and awkward with one another. Being married to a total stranger and being intimate with him/her is indeed difficult. Pre-nuptial dating helps you to ease into your future roles as husbands and wives. You get to know the likes and dislikes of your partner and get comfortable in the roles that you are supposed to play in the future. 
  7. Future vision: Dating coach Nina Rubin says that even getting along with one another is not enough for being romantically compatible. You must share the vision of a possible imagined future, where you see yourselves as partners through highs and lows. This is not possible until and unless you guys go on a date.     

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