Love Marriage VS Arranged Marriage

It’s been a lifelong debate as to what is better, Love marriage or Arranged marriage. Both love marriage and arranged marriage have their pros and cons, it’s safe to say that putting this debate to rest is going to be hard as both have equal takers. Today we are going to try and put across the two perspectives in as realistic way as possible.

Marriages in today’s times are no less than hard work. Compatibility, compromise, communication, adjustments all of these and a lot more make a marriage successful. 

With millennials using dating sites as the latest version of matrimonial sites, finding your partner has become easy. But getting compatible partner has remained as difficult as earlier days. Many relationships fail because partners share different goals and don’t want to compromise or adjust with each other. 

In Love marriages, one gets the time to know their partner before thinking of settling down, which gives them the time to think about whether they want to settle down with their current partner. In arranged marriages, one doesn’t have that leverage. They are just made to meet their potential partner and in one or two meetings, their entire family decides whether to go ahead with the marriage or not. It’s very rare that the decision of the girl and the boy matters, it’s mostly the parents deciding for them. In arranged marriages, a person has to marry a complete stranger, know him/her through their course of life and keep adjusting and compromising to make it work. 

Many people in recent times prefer going ahead with a love marriage because they feel marrying a person you know is better than marrying someone you don’t know and figuring out about them in rest of the life. While some still believe that they can find their soulmate even in an arranged marriage setup and that it’s an adventure spending your entire life figuring out something new about your partner every day.

Many believe that people, who do love marriages have much better compatibility than those who go for arranged marriages, especially when the couple starts family on their own, in most cases in a different city than their parents. In arranged marriages, the compatibility between two families is much stronger than the couple.

Expectations in love marriages are relatively higher than arranged marriages as the couple already knows each other, thus creating expectations between them to function in a certain way. In arranged marriages, one takes time to know the other person which reduces the course of expectations with each other.

Be it arranged or love, marriage is something that two people have to work on no matter what. One has to understand the seriousness of spending their life with someone and to make it work till death do them apart.

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