Mental wellness and relationship interdependence

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Mental health has historically been a topic stowed away in the back shelves, but in the recent years, the mist of stigma has thinned. Relationships have intangible impact on mental health and the mental state of a person can impact the way they form, develop and function in relationships. Healthy relationships and mental health are codependent and it is vital to understand the effects they have on each other to have a rewarding and satisfying life.

Mental wellbeing is critical for great relationship

Mental issues can plague every relationship. Stress, anxiety, depression and other severe mental disorders can form and intensify with unhealthy and toxic relationships just as easily as they can be alleviated or cured with the understanding and support of the right partner equipped with the knowledge of what and why things occur as they do.

Our instincts tell us that relationships are necessary and it is an established fact that people with healthy relationships are less prone to suffer and have a higher rate of recovery, but the school of thought process needs a change. In the current scenario, relationships happen but are not deliberately built. Just like a physique and physical wellness needs work, time and effort, mental wellness is also an exercise in effort and patience. We need to understand how important relationships are in building the fundamentals of healthy individuals, relationships and ultimately the community. Understanding the compatibility and recognizing the strengths and weaknesses is the first step to build a strong relationship. Healthy habits and constant focussed actions need to be put in place until they become second nature. Make a committed resolution today to build and maintain a healthy relationship. Wishing all your relationships are healthy, happy and enriching.

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