Relationships in the Digital world

Digitization and technological advancements have influenced our lives to a very great extent and the best example of this is how we approach our relationships. Whether you are in a relationship or looking for one, technology plays a crucial role. While it has made it very easier for us to be in touch, it has its own side effects.

Nowadays, instead of mailing a letter and waiting for days for a response, or instead of waiting on a pay phone line, you can talk to your partner far away more easily and more cheaply than ever before. It would just take a right swipe on a dating app to find a date faster than it would take for you to get ready.

While our relationship has become much easier and convenient in the digital world, technology has taken away from what relationship is all about — getting to know and spending more time with the person.

Let’s be honest, the digital world has made us more hungry for validation with vague matrices ‘like’ and ‘follow’. It’s now more important for us to get a like on our posts from our partner than to sit with him and talk. Thanks to technology, close ones have become distant and far ones have got close. This parallel world, the technology has built for us, can be wonderful and challenging at the same time. It’s important for us to balance our lives in a way that we can explore the beauty of this world without spoiling the beauty of our relationships.

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