Who is your Daddy?

father carrying his son

So you have become mature and looking to settle down? And you think you are on your own?

Hold on !! Your daddy still has enough to impact your life !!

As per our research, the success of your marriage depends a lot on your dad and it is not the wealth he has created for you!!

It is seen that the profession of father has a great impact on one’s personality, behaviour as well as adaptability. No wonder it came up as a strong factor in our algorithm.

This seems quite natural as a person is made through exposure to different people, situations, places and many more.

For a successful marriage, it is mandatory to have a mindset match between two families (yes, India is still a family bound society). And nothing influences mindset more than one’s profession. Probably that’s why we see marriage between couple whose dad were in similar profession (defence could be leader in this, or doctors?)

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