Work Life (im)Balance

This term is well talked about in the corporate world and has been a favourite one during appraisal season for years.

This is so because most of the people think work and life are separate. Not just that, people easily quantify that by the number of hours put in.

I would start this note by asking one simple question. Will someone be able to work properly if his/ her personal life is troubled and vice versa? The answer is NO.

Our work impacts our behaviour and personal values/ thoughts. Similarly, we bring in our personal values and skills to the workplace, impacting others.

In short, it is not just to separate work and life and try to find a balance.

So what can we do?

Again a simple question. Have we ever seen a sports person say after a hard day that she had to work a lot or an artist after finishing a beautiful painting that he could not sleep due to work? The answer would be NO.

Reason? Their profession is their passion. In most cases we don’t choose our profession but get into it. So the solution lies in finding a profession that supports/ complements our passion. If we are not able to do that then there is only one way- develop passion for what we do.

But whatif someone’s personal life is not smooth? We can’t perform at our best if we have an ailing family member back home or if we go through a troubled relationship. Here the organization have to show more empathy and help the person pass through the situation.

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