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Changing compatibility of couples during Covid

In these challenging times, while the pandemic is exposing already existing loopholes in areas of healthcare, education or employment, it’s also affecting the compatibility of couples at a very basic level. As we enter unlock 5.0, some of us are entering or have already entered a different stage of our relationships during this lockdown. The…

5 Signs that shows compatibility between couples in a relationship

You are insanely in love with each other. You go on dates and outings frequently. You just cannot get enough of each other. But where do you and your partner stand on the compatibility scale? Sharing a bond of true compatibility is one of the greatest things a couple can experience. Compatibility is accepting each…

Love Compatibility: 5 things that makes love last

Finding a long lasting love is nothing less than one of the greatest achievements in someone’s life. The idea of having a partner who will stay with you for the rest of your life is very appealing and an amazing feeling to have. A long lasting relationship requires an insane amount of understanding, tolerance and…

11 Signs that you are in a Healthy Relationship

What makes a relationship healthy? Is it compatibility? Understanding? Similar interests? Or is it a combination of all these factors? With divorce rates shooting up and more and more men and women choosing to remain single, it is important to know what makes a relationship tick. Love may conquer all, but psychologists and marriage counsellors…


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