7 Reasons why love alone isn’t enough between a couple

Are you a sceptic? Or have the movies and Nicholas Sparks and the likes of him been lying to the whole of humanity? Does love really sustain the world and make it go round? Or is there more to having satisfying relationships that add meaning to our lives? There are many theories that support either sideContinue reading “7 Reasons why love alone isn’t enough between a couple”

How do families shape your relationships?

Families are an integral part of every society and shape you in a way that no other institution can. The physical being, mental state, emotional depth and overall character of any human being is heavily influenced by the people around them, especially in the formative years. Additionally, our definition of an ideal relationship is deeplyContinue reading “How do families shape your relationships?”

Importance of self-care in relationships

It took a heartfelt breakup for Bridget to realise she should get her life on track in the movie Bridget Jones’s Diary. For many of us the idea of self-care struck only when we are going through a tough phase in a relationship or to get over a terrible breakup. What does exactly self careContinue reading “Importance of self-care in relationships”

Is increasing divorce rate a blessing in disguise?

It has been published in many times that divorce rate is increasing alarmingly in India, the rate is so fast that new family courts had to be opened. The bigger matter is that this is not limited to metro cities but evident in smaller towns and by smaller we are not referring to Tier 2Continue reading “Is increasing divorce rate a blessing in disguise?”

3 Marriage Myths Busted

Myth 1: The divorce rate is higher among love marriages.Reality: As per our study, the divorce rate is absolutely the same (1.3%) among love marriages and arranged marriages. In fact, a lot has been talked about love marriage vs. arranged marriage. There are broadly three schools of thought – one pro-arranged marriage, another vouch forContinue reading “3 Marriage Myths Busted”

Love Marriage VS Arranged Marriage

It’s been a lifelong debate as to what is better, Love marriage or Arranged marriage. Both love marriage and arranged marriage have their pros and cons, it’s safe to say that putting this debate to rest is going to be hard as both have equal takers. Today we are going to try and put acrossContinue reading “Love Marriage VS Arranged Marriage”

Couplink : Best Platform to Check Couple Compatibility

Have you ever looked on the internet for blogs and quizzes that will point out the success rate of your relationship/marriage? No, we’re not talking about quizzes like “Are you Monica/Chandler or Ross/Rachel” (but Monica and Chandler, please). There are various parameters that could not only point out if you are in it for theContinue reading “Couplink : Best Platform to Check Couple Compatibility”